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Life according to Sam

15 December 2020

Sam is a young man with a great sense of humour, a cheeky smile and loves quoting from Monty Python. He is affectionate and when he is at OC Connections (OCC), he says hello to everyone he knows. He has developed a great friendship with another participant, David, who he talks and jokes around with. […]

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Towards Employment team reflect on their online study

21 September 2020

Towards Employment participants, Will, David and Harry, recently celebrated their impressive effort to move their study to an online platform. The team were presented with a certificate and book with photos of their experience studying online with Zoom and Google Classroom. (See photos below). Hannah Isles, Towards Employment Facilitator, reflected with the group on their […]

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Vassie’s ISO favourites

An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic. Vassie is a participant at OC Connections (OCC). She uses OCC Support Coordination and Day Support services. She has worked at OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) previously as a supported employee. Vassie has made the most of her supports, including existing ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

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Lonsdale and Salisbury share their highlights from lockdown

OC Connections (OCC) Board Chair, Tom Baxter has connected via Zoom and Skype with residents and staff of the Lonsdale and Salisbury homes to check on their progress and hear about the activities they have been undertaking these past weeks. Residents were delighted to let Tom know about how they were going and how they […]

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Triumphant in times of change

An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic. David has been coming to OC Connections since January 2011 and attends Day Support services five days a week. He has a lot of energy and enjoys physical activities like walking, swimming and basketball. He loves his six-week-long overseas holidays with family to countries like […]

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Bethany seizes the day in Day Support

An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic. Bethany started attending OC Connections Day Support in 2018. At that time she was not very confident and did not engage a lot with others or readily initiate involvement in many activities. Recently though, and even during this especially challenging period, Bethany has developed a […]

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Building independence through travel

OC Connections (OCC) participant Deb recently travelled to Perth to visit her family for Christmas. She was supported by Jen, a Disability Support Work from OCC.  Having supported Deb on a previous visit to Perth in June 2019, Jen was happy and honoured that Deb’s family requested that she support Deb again over Christmas.  How […]

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A summer sojourn to remember for Delia St. residents

Community Living residents, Colin, David, Donnie and Craig had a wonderful four day summer holiday on the Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas in January.  Staying at the Tootgarook holiday house they were supported by Disability Support Workers, Leo and Kulecha from OC Connections (OCC).  Day 1 – Departing for the Tootgarook Holiday House  With Leo driving, […]

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Fit and active at OC Connections

20 September 2020

Hannah, Disability Educator at OC Connections (OCC) runs the Fit and Active Group on Monday mornings. The Fit and Active group aims to encourage participation in physical activity to develop skills, improve fitness and mobility and maintain health. Recently, the group acquired a brand new table tennis table using fund raising money donated to the […]

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