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Defend Choice in Disability Employment

20 September 2023

The Australian Government will soon review the recommendations of the Disability Royal Commission, including employment services and opportunities for people living with disability. Around 16,000 people living with disabilities work as Supported Employees across Australia. Working in Supported Employment makes a significant difference in the lives of people with disability – engaging in work helps […]

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OC’s Partnership with First Nations Traffic Management

7 June 2023

From doubling their order to spreading the good word about social procurement, First Nations Traffic Management has backed OC Connections Enterprises from the beginning. Lionel and Peter, directors of the 100% Indigenous company, have encouraged many organisations in the traffic control industry to go green by purchasing our Eco T Top Bollards, made from recycled […]

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Bart’s Journey into Specialised Disability Accommodation

14 April 2023

MEET BART Over the last 20 years, Bart has been working with OC Connections to grow his social life, his independence, and his confidence in work. He’s a big Elvis fan, and he loves going to the cinema with friends. There’s something about Bart that makes you feel at ease – he’s kind, charismatic, and […]

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Beyond School and into Employment: Harry’s Story

1 March 2023

Meet Harry!    The first thing you notice about Harry when you meet him is his warm smile and his vibrant energy. Harry is twenty-one years old and is currently working as a supported employee with OC Connections Enterprises in the packing department.  Harry wasn’t always this self-assured, but since 2019 he has gone on […]

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OC Eco T-Top Bollards® at the Social Traders event

6 December 2022

In our last blog post, OC Connection employment and enterprise arm, OCC Enterprises (OCCE) announced the launch of their OC Eco T-Top Bollards® This month we are excited to share that in collaboration with Social Traders, an event was held on behalf of OCCE OC T-Top Bollards for their industry-wide launch. This event was a […]

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Introducing the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® – an Australian first

19 October 2022

OC Connections employment and enterprise arm, OCC Enterprises (OCCE), is excited to launch the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® – an environmentally sustainable product, creating positive social change. The OC Eco T-Top Bollard® is Australia’s first and only Australian-made recycled t-top bollard that is made from recycled bollards and locally sourced plastics and is also creating […]

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New beginnings for Michael

20 September 2022

In 2021/2, OCC Enterprises supported the transition of three supported employees into open employment.    Michael is one such employee, who is currently working at ACE Contractors Group, a civil construction company servicing Victoria. Michael is undertaking administrative duties at the company’s Nunawading office: scanning, shredding, filing.  He also assists with garden maintenance when he has time.  […]

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Jarrod ‘snags’ a new role with Bunnings

30 August 2022

Last month, we shared Jarrod’s experiences as a Document Management supported employee at OCC Enterprise. We are excited to share that this month Jarrod will embark on a new employment journey in an open employment role with Bunnings.  Recently JobsBank approached OCC Enterprise about a new role for a Technical Support Officer, at Bunnings Head […]

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Scott’s desire to impact change

28 July 2022

OC Connections’ Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Committee is committed to building a workplace that is respectful, diverse, inclusive, and healthy by helping every staff member to understand, contribute to, and maintain an environment where the dignity and uniqueness of every individual is recognised, and where we meaningfully leverage and celebrate diversity, inclusion and wellbeing in our workplace. Representatives on the committee are from each area of the organisation, including supported employees […]

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