Mandy’s mosaic keeps her connected to family

30 August 2022

A person sits at a table working on a mosaic of a dog. The photograph of hte black dog sits on the table next to the mosaic
A photograph of a dog on a table, with a half finished mosaic of the photograph

We are always pleasantly surprised by the work OC Connections’ artists produce in their art classes. Supported by staff and guided by the passionate leader Val, participants have produced some amazing works of art over the years.

When we visited recently, Mandy was producing a mosaic of her brother’s dog Maggie from a picture her brother had sent. Maggie is one very happy dog as she gets to run the fields and play in the river, says Mandy.

By sharing this story with those who support her, Mandy is building a relationship with those around her and assisting others to get to know her. It also helps her to remain connected to family members who do not live nearby. Mandy’s brother will receive an amazing piece of art from his sister.

Participants in the art program select the type of work they would like to do, whether that be painting, colouring-in from printouts, copying existing artworks, building mosaics, or designing gift cards and bags. Whatever they choose, staff will support them through the process so they can come away with a piece of work that they are proud of and can share with others.

The OC Connections Co-achieve model is our way of working with participants and those important to them on all the different areas of life that are important for happy and healthy living. Co-achieve guides us to focus on ensuring we support people living with disability to reach their goals, learn new skills, do new things, and decide what they want in life and how we can make it happen together. It is important to include family and important people in participant’s activities and goals so that we can support a seamless, meaningful and ongoing connection.