Art, Music and Culture

Time to get creative!

Welcome to our inclusive programs for Art, Music, and Culture! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and enjoy various cultural experiences, regardless of their abilities.

Our diverse range of programs is designed to cater to the unique interests and passions of individuals with disabilities. Join us on a journey of artistic exploration, music appreciation, dance, and culinary delights!

Movie Lovers

If you love movies, join us on Movie Nights, or become part of our Cinema Club where we take regular trips to the cinema and chat about the films we love.

Art & Craft

Get creative with painting, drawing, sculpting, jewellery making, photography mosaic making, scrapbooking, art therapy and more!

Dance & Music

Express yourself through our dance and movement groups, socialise at our popular Disco Nights, or simply enjoy the beauty of music and relaxation.

Food Lovers

Visit cafes, markets and cultural festivals to appreciate different cuisines and cultures from around the world. Learn to bake, meal plan, follow recipes and measure ingredients.

Tailored programs for unique individuals

We understand that everyone is unique, and we believe in tailoring your experience to suit your individual goals and interests. Whether you’re passionate about painting, music, dance, or exploring different cultural activities, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll work together to create a program that aligns with your personal aspirations.

female day support participant painting with day. support worker

Flexible and adaptable

Our programs are designed to be flexible and convenient for you. Activities are offered throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday, allowing you to choose the days that work best for you.

We also offer evening activities to accommodate varying schedules and ensure that you have ample opportunities to participate.

High quality, professional support

We are dedicated to providing quality and professional support to ensure our participants have the best possible experience.

Our Disability Support Workers undergo regular training and professional development to deliver the highest level of quality care and assistance.

Enquire now and join in the fun!

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