Benjamin takes pride in his health and safety role

A young person sits in front of a class, looking into the camera
A young person sits in front of a class, looking into the camera

Day Support participant Benjamin is passionate about contributing to OC Connections’ growth and continuous improvement as a disability provider.  He is a representative on the Participant Reference Group, Day Support Participant Group and provides participant feedback on the OC Connections Health and Safety Committee. He has also, in the past, been a member of the participant interview panel, assisting OC Connections’ staff to recruit suitable staff.

“My goal is to keep OC Connections going for the future,” he says.

OC Connections values the input of participants and their families so that we can co-create an environment that is inclusive, safe, welcoming and provides opportunities for people with disability to achieve the life they want to live.

Benjamin enjoys the responsibility of being on the Health and Safety Committee, of which he has been a member for 3 years. He says because he is using our facilities, he sees things that aren’t working that other people might not, like light bulbs that need replacing, and other smaller maintenance issues.

The meetings connect Benjamin with other Health and Safety representatives at all levels from across the organisation. These meetings are held quarterly and are currently held online because of COVID.

“I like ‘Teams’ because it allows me to get access to the meetings, but I prefer coming on site to see people and then go to my activity,” he says. He has got to know the other representatives and feels confident and comfortable attending the meetings without any additional support. He confidently raises any issues or concerns and answers any questions that are asked of him.

Health and Safety Committee chair Anne Bavington says “Benjamin provides a different perspective to the meeting. He can communicate the concerns of his peers and view any issues from a participant perspective. He is willing to contribute and is happy to approach staff to discuss any issues of concern.”

Benjamin then reports findings from the Health and Safety meeting to the Day Support Participant Group and the Participant Reference Group.

When you ask Benjamin if it’s a lot of work, he says: “I enjoy the responsibility. It keeps me busy each day. I love it.”

Thank you, Benjamin, for your contribution to OC Connections.

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