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Accessibility online: announcing the new tool on our website

25 March 2024

OC Connections has taken a big step towards online accessibility for those with disabilities, visual impairments, learning difficulties, and those who speak English as a second language.

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The Spirit of Giving: OC’s Partnership with Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm

24 February 2024

For 50 years, Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm has been a loyal supporter of OC Connections. Previous owner Jim Boucher, and his wife Lorna, built the partnership with OC Connections (which at the time was called the Oakleigh Centre) to engage and bolster fundraising efforts in the local community. Neil and Neal (the two Neil’s) purchased […]

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Neurodiverse Employment: What does it look like?

12 February 2024

For this blog, we will be using “neurodiversity” to describe: – autism– ADHD– intellectual and developmental disorders– Downs Syndrome– and psychiatric disorders Employment is an important part of people’s lives. You get paid for your work, you contribute to the community, and you can make friends. People living with disabilities face barriers to employment, but […]

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Mark’s Move into Supported Independent Living

30 January 2024

Meet Mark! He’s one of our newest residents in Supported Independent Living. Mark’s journey into independent living started a month before he moved in. Jane, General Manager of Community Living, and Delwin had several meetings with Mark and his family to make sure this was the right move for him. They also hosted familiarisation meetings […]

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Climate Action & Social Enterprise: The Circular Economy Model

22 January 2024

Although the reality of our declining environment has been known for many years, strong governmental, global action has only recently been pushed to urgency. As politicians debated whether climate change was real, local enterprises and grassroots organisations started looking for fresh opportunities to support their communities by reducing landfill and pollution. Grassroots organisations and social […]

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Neurodiversity, Gender, and the Future of Autistic Healthcare

20 January 2024

An estimated 80% of autistic women are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Women and girls seeking autism diagnoses are speaking up and advocating for appropriate support. They’re re-writing what autism means to build a more inclusive, diverse community. Our understanding of autism and how it differs from person to person is growing, and the healthcare system needs […]

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Neurodiversity, Gender, and the Future of Autistic Healthcare (Easy Read Version)

20 January 2024

80% of autistic women don’t have an autism diagnosis. Women and girls are speaking out about diagnosis and how medical support would better their lives. They are changing what autism means, so we can build a more inclusive community where everyone gets the help they need. Autistic traits differ from person to person and we […]

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Jacqueline & OCCE’s Blended Workforce Initiative

8 January 2024

Meet Jacqueline. Jacqueline has been working in the Document Management department at OC Connections Enterprises since September. She was referred to our enterprise by the newly founded employment provider, Mob Jobs – a support service for First Nations people searching for work around Victoria. Through a referral from a previous colleague, Anita from Mob Jobs […]

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Basil’s Journey to Reconnect with Family and Identity

10 December 2023

Basil has been working for OC Connections Enterprises for 26 years. Just before COVID-19, he was made Team Leader in the Skin Packing department – a role he’s proud of. His life-partner, Christine, has been an OCCE employee for 36 years, and recently they celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Sovereign Hill Hotel in Ballarat. […]

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