My Plan: NDIS Support Coordination Services

Simplify your NDIS journey with our expert Support Coordinators

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can often feel overwhelming and complex. At OC Connections, we understand the challenges individuals may face, which is why our team of professional Support Coordinators is here to assist you every step of the way.

With our expertise and vast network of service providers, we can help you find and connect with disability support services that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Personalised support for your NDIS plan

Your dedicated Support Coordinator will work collaboratively with you to gain a deep understanding of your NDIS plan and its goals. We recognise that each person’s journey is unique, and we are committed to ensuring that the supports you receive align with your aspirations and requirements.

By leveraging our extensive network of service providers, we will connect you with the right supports to help you reach your full potential.

how support coordination works


We will meet with you to discuss your goals and understand your level of confidence.


We will review your plan, and work with you to identify the most appropriate services to meet your goals.


We then connect you with those services to help implement your NDIS plan.


We will periodically review how the plan is working for you and make adjustments as needed


We assist you to overcome any challenges and help build knowledge about your plan and services


We help you prepare for your NDIS plan review and report on your outcomes.

Steamline your NDIS experience

We understand the importance of making your NDIS experience as stress-free as possible. Our Support Coordinators are trained professionals who will assist you in dealing with any issues that may arise with the services you implement as part of your NDIS plan.

Whether it’s clarifying service details, resolving challenges, or coordinating multiple supports, our goal is to ensure that your journey through the NDIS is smooth and hassle-free.

Young male participant Ben sitting on a park bench smiling with support worker next to his side

Responsive and proactive problem solving

We recognise that circumstances may change, and your support services might need adjustment. If you find that your current supports are not working for you or if you need to make changes, having a dedicated and knowledgeable professional in your corner can make all the difference.

Our NDIS Support Coordinators will promptly address any concerns you may have and work tirelessly to find solutions that meet your evolving needs. We are committed to resolving issues quickly and ensuring that you receive the supports that best enable you to achieve your goals.

Choose peace of mind with OC Connections

When it comes to navigating the NDIS, you don’t have to do it alone. OC Connections is here to provide you with dedicated and personalised support coordination services.

Let us simplify your NDIS journey by leveraging our expertise, extensive network, and proactive problem-solving approach. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the right supports, empowering you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


To be eligible for Support Coordination, you must:

Contact us today to learn more about our support coordination services and take the first step towards a smoother and more rewarding NDIS experience. Our team of professional Support Coordinators is ready to guide you through your NDIS journey with care, expertise, and a commitment to your success.

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