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Make a difference by volunteering with OC Connections

OC Connections is fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide invaluable assistance to both our staff and participants.

These selfless individuals enhance our programs, activities, and culture by using their skills and experience to create opportunities for others. We are truly grateful for our volunteers, who generously give their time to support our participants. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, get in touch!

Benefits of volunteering

Share your skills and experience

Your unique skills and experience can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. By sharing your expertise, you contribute to their personal growth and well-being.

Develop New Skills

Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity for personal development. You can acquire new skills, expand your knowledge, and gain valuable experience in the field of disability services.

Trial a career in disability

If you're considering a career in disability services, volunteering offers a hands-on experience to explore this path. It helps you understand the sector and make an informed decision about your future.

Meet new people and have fun

Volunteering brings you into a diverse community of like-minded individuals. You'll have the chance to meet new people, make friends, and engage in enjoyable activities together.

Support your local community

Volunteering allows you to actively contribute to the betterment of your community. By dedicating your time and effort, you help create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities.

Ways to volunteer

Support our participants

Help support our participants in various activities, including art, craft, sports, computers, and community outings. Your involvement will enrich their experiences and foster personal growth.

Become a community friend

Become a Community Friend and share a hobby or interest with our participants. By spending quality time together, you create meaningful connections and lasting friendships.

Assist in working bees

Assist in working bees, gardening, or home maintenance to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for our participants. Your efforts help create a comfortable space for them to thrive.

Help with fundraising

Provide fundraising support at our annual Golf Day fundraiser or host your own fundraiser. By helping us raise vital funds, you enable us to continue delivering essential services to those in need.

Share your professional skills

Share your professional skills in areas such as administration, marketing, finance, or IT. Your expertise will support our organization's operations and contribute to its growth.

Enquire about volunteer opportunities

Join our volunteer team today and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society. Get involved and start making a difference now!

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Your generosity helps to support people with disability to live the life they choose.