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Aidan interviews Day Support Team Leader Jessica Lilburne

6 October 2022

Day Support Team Leader Jessica Lilburne has been working at OC Connections for 10 years this year. Six of those years have been in Day Service and 4 years in Community Living. In Community Living she became Team Leader supporting residents.  She made sure all the right people were in the right programs to support […]

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Two people on a teams meeting screen smiling.

Meet Rob Easy, Team Leader Short Term Accommodation

27 May 2022

The following interview is by OC Connections’ participant Aidan, who is interviewing OC Connections’ staff as part of a new program whereby we engage participants as champions of OC Connections. This program matches participant goals with potential opportunities in our Marketing and Communications team. You can read more about Aidan’s role in getting this pilot […]

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Aidan pilots new program to help reach his goals

7 April 2022

Aidan is a participant in the Day Support program at OC Connections who enthusiastically seeks opportunities that will assist him in reaching his goals. Aidan is also a member of our Participant Reference Group (PRG). As a member of the PRG he represents his day support peers by presenting and workshopping matters that impact them, […]

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Farewell Deb White

7 April 2022

Deb White worked at OC Connections and was a much respected member of staff. On her retirement, OCC day participant Aidan interviewed Deb on her time at OC Connections and what the future holds for her. This interview is the result of a new program whereby we engage participants as champions of OC Connections. This […]

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