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12 June 2024

Many people living with disabilities integrate communication tools into their lives. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is important for people with communication difficulties – these systems and tools provide avenues to share thoughts, feelings and needs in real time. What is AAC? To augment is to add or supplement something to your speech, such as […]

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26 May 2024

Team Leaders in Day Support have been trying out new, adaptable ways of increasing participant engagement in our recreational and educational programs. People living with disabilities have varying communication and information-processing needs, so our Disability Support Workers and Disability Educators implement flexible learning strategies to reach the many different participants at OC Connections. Disability Educators […]

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Neurodiverse Employment: What does it look like?

12 February 2024

For this blog, we will be using “neurodiversity” to describe: – autism– ADHD– intellectual and developmental disorders– Downs Syndrome– and psychiatric disorders Employment is an important part of people’s lives. You get paid for your work, you contribute to the community, and you can make friends. People living with disabilities face barriers to employment, but […]

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Climate Action & Social Enterprise: The Circular Economy Model

22 January 2024

Although the reality of our declining environment has been known for many years, strong governmental, global action has only recently been pushed to urgency. As politicians debated whether climate change was real, local enterprises and grassroots organisations started looking for fresh opportunities to support their communities by reducing landfill and pollution. Grassroots organisations and social […]

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Neurodiversity, Gender, and the Future of Autistic Healthcare

20 January 2024

An estimated 80% of autistic women are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Women and girls seeking autism diagnoses are speaking up and advocating for appropriate support. They’re re-writing what autism means to build a more inclusive, diverse community. Our understanding of autism and how it differs from person to person is growing, and the healthcare system needs […]

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1 May 2023

Trigger Warning: This blog article includes outdated language to identify key moments in history and briefly mentions the affiliations of Hans Asperger. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Think about our brains as computer operating systems. The norm, neurotypical, is Apple. Autism, and neurodiversity, is Android. Neither are better or worse, simply different. Both are equally […]

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16 April 2023

Active Monash has launched a new program at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre, specifically for people living with disability. On Tuesdays at 10.30am and Thursdays at 11.35am, the new low sensory studio will be open for people with disability to move and exercise in a safe environment – carers and support workers welcome at no cost. […]

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Government Reviews impacting the Disability Sector

1 March 2023

A number of reviews are currently being conducted by the Government with the goal of improving the access, experience and outcomes for people with disabilities. SDA Price Review: The NDIS is conducting a SDA Pricing Review, which will “evaluate the impact of current SDA prices on supply and demand and set new SDA prices to […]

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Meet our Intake & Transition team

31 August 2022

The OC Connections’ NDIS Intake and Transition team focus on the onboarding of new participants to our services, as well as the transition of current participants from one NDIS plan to the next.  When you contact OC Connections to make an enquiry about our services, you will be in touch with our Intake and Transition […]

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