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OC’s Partnership with First Nations Traffic Management

7 June 2023

From doubling their order to spreading the good word about social procurement, First Nations Traffic Management has backed OC Connections Enterprises from the beginning. Lionel and Peter, directors of the 100% Indigenous company, have encouraged many organisations in the traffic control industry to go green by purchasing our Eco T Top Bollards, made from recycled […]

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New Developments in the Participant Reference Group (PRG) Initiative at OC Connections

30 May 2023

OC Connections recently made some positive updates to its Participant Reference Group (PRG) initiative. This revitalised program empowers participants to directly influence service improvements by sharing their feedback with the OC Connections Board.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: What’s Changed and Why?

1 May 2023

Trigger Warning: This blog article includes outdated language to identify key moments in history and briefly mentions the affiliations of Hans Asperger. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Think about our brains as computer operating systems. The norm, neurotypical, is Apple. Autism, and neurodiversity, is Android. Neither are better or worse, simply different. Both are […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Hobby

7 April 2023

Hobbies are good for your mental health. Using your time in a meaningful way, doing something you love, gives you more confidence. Your mind loves to be engaged in play and learning. There are many benefits to doing a regular activity you enjoy. So how do you pick a hobby? Here are some questions to […]

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Have Your Say – NDIA’s 2022-2023 Annual Pricing Review

30 March 2023

The 2022-2023 Annual Pricing Review (APR) Consultation Paper has been released. This paper is part of a broader goal of the NDIA to support markets to grow and meet supply demands, while promoting innovation and delivering consistent participant outcomes. Family members play a significant role in the NDIS, as advocates and negotiators for their loved […]

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Beyond School and into Employment: Harry’s Story

1 March 2023

Meet Harry!    The first thing you notice about Harry when you meet him is his warm smile and his vibrant energy. Harry is twenty-one years old and is currently working as a supported employee with OC Connections Enterprises in the packing department.  Harry wasn’t always this self-assured, but since 2019 he has gone on […]

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Government Reviews impacting the Disability Sector

1 March 2023

A number of reviews are currently being conducted by the Government with the goal of improving the access, experience and outcomes for people with disabilities. SDA Price Review: The NDIS is conducting a SDA Pricing Review, which will “evaluate the impact of current SDA prices on supply and demand and set new SDA prices to […]

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Panthers come and try days!

3 February 2023

Interested in football? The Mazenod Panthers Football Club will be holding some Come and Try days for all-abilities football! All are welcome to come and have a kick of the footy! Wednesday 1, 8, 15 and 22 February, from 5:00pm – 6:00pm at Mazenod College, 5 Kernot Ave Mulgrave. For more information you can email […]

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Selling, selling, SOLD!

9 January 2023

OC Connections participant and resident artist, Mandy Ebbott recently submitted a mosaic to the SASI Art Exhibition. The SASI Art Show aims to provide a platform for collaboration and inclusion, welcoming all people with a disability, to exhibit. To Mandy’s surprise, her art piece was selected by the Shire of Dunkley to use as their […]

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