Aidan interviews Day Support Team Leader Jessica Lilburne

Day Support Team Leader Jessica Lilburne has been working at OC Connections for 10 years this year. Six of those years have been in Day Service and 4 years in Community Living.

In Community Living she became Team Leader supporting residents.  She made sure all the right people were in the right programs to support participants.

Jessica then decided she wanted to work daytime hours. She became Team Leader in Day Support. She also was looking forward to working with Manager – Day Support, Kai, again as she says Kai is an excellent boss.  She misses the five people she saw every day in Community Living.  Now she sees possibly 100 people a day so there’s a lot of different staff to talk with and people participating in different programs. She said it’s nice to feel connected.

As part of her role, Jessica looks after everyone’s medication and checks temperatures at the start of the day and lunchtime.  She also makes sure behaviour support profiles have all the correct information.

She usually starts her day in the office and then comes down to the front entrance to greet people and check temperatures. Jessica checks that people get to the right room and makes sure everyone arrives safely and then goes back to the office to do paperwork. At lunchtime she checks temperatures again and makes sure everyone has eaten and staff have had their break.  In the afternoon she does the same and then says goodbye to everybody.

Jessica’s favourite day support activity is visiting the farm because she sees the animals and the way participants work with the animals and staff.  Jessica loves art and used to enjoy working with Val in the art room. Her third favourite activity would be Teri’s dancing, which is always lots of fun.

Outside of work, Jessica has been learning to snowboard.  Her partner and friends like to go to the snow. She said she is not quite there yet but is getting better.  She’s falling over less.

I enjoyed chatting with Jessica and she said she really enjoyed the chat that we had, the interview questions were really thoughtful, and she liked how I asked follow-up questions. Thank you Jessica.