Over the last 20 years, Bart has been working with OC Connections to grow his social life, his independence, and his confidence in work. He’s a big Elvis fan, and he loves going to the cinema with friends. There’s something about Bart that makes you feel at ease – he’s kind, charismatic, and loves spending time with people.

Since starting with us, he’s achieved every goal he’s set. He’s a supported employee at OC Connections Enterprises, which has helped him build his confidence and pride in contributing to the community.

He is continuing to learn to cook, clean and take transport on his own. And now, after years of delays, Bart has moved into Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Oakleigh.

Moving out of home…

The move was a huge win for him and his parents. They’d been planning for this transition for years, with Bart spending regular time in Short Term Accommodation (STA) to get the hang of living out of home. Due to his parents getting older, it was time for Bart to leave the nest, and the move couldn’t have come sooner.

For a year beforehand, Bart would tell anyone who’d listen that he was moving into a new home. His home. Where he has the freedom to sing Elvis as loud as he wants, decorate however he sees fit, and live life on his terms. He and his housemates love to spend time at the cinema, the pub – or just stay in and watch the Lion King together.

Bart’s parents have noticed a huge change in his mood since the big move – he’s happier, and he’s more relaxed. On the big day, his parents packed and transferred his belongings while he was at work. His mum picked him up from work, and as she pulled into the driveway she said; “This is your new home.”

The excitement was real. As Bart sat down to chat with us, he was smiling from ear to ear. He told us his favourite part of the new room was his fan – a must-have on these 30-degree days. He’s yet to put his Elvis posters up, but his parents have left him to set up without their potential influence. They want to ensure this is Bart’s space – entirely his own.

Choosing an Accommodation Service

OC Connections has several Specialist Disability Accommodation homes around the south-eastern suburbs, not too far from the main OC hub on Warrigal Rd. Through our many support programs, participants are provided with the skills and confidence to live independently. Supports are tailored to each individual’s situation, needs and goals – it’s all about building the tools to live a full, meaningful life.

Alongside his parents, Bart sat with our Support Coordinators to ensure SDA was a good fit. They toured the homes, created an action plan, and after comparing all of the options against Bart’s needs, they put the plan into fruition. OC Connections has been an end-to-end service provider, from Day Support, to Supported Employment, and now to SDA.