Adrian, a Supported Employee at OC Connections Enterprises, has recently achieved his long-term goal!

With the encouragement of his sister, Support Coordinator, and carers in his Specialist Disability Accommodation, Adrian booked an amazing trip to Illawarra. The holiday program, facilitated by Clubmates, included an incredible opportunity to ride in a helicopter and visit the largest airshow in the southern hemisphere.

Linda, Adrian’s sister, told OC Connections that Adrian has loved airplanes since he was young. Their dad was an aeronautical engineer, which ignited Adrian’s passion for air travel.

Whenever a plane flies overhead, Adrian will stop and look up to check it out!

On his trip, Adrian got to tour a variety of different planes, helicopters and vehicles at the Shellharbour Air Show. He got to watch some exciting and dangerous airplane stunts and learn from professional pilots!

The beautiful weather meant that Adrian got to explore nearby beaches in New South Wales and make the most out of his week off work.

The best part of Adrian’s holiday was when he soared above the gorgeous beaches and green urban landscape of Illawarra in a helicopter. It was his first time in a helicopter and he had an absolute blast!

It’s incredible to see OC participants like Adrian achieve their personal goals with the encouragement and support of his family and carers. We’re glad Adrian had a great time exploring New South Wales and can’t wait to see which goal he accomplishes next!

Adrian’s support guide, Rodney, recorded Adrian’s Wings over Illawarra tour. Check out the holiday footage here: