Active Monash has launched a new program at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre, specifically for people living with disability.

On Tuesdays at 10.30am and Thursdays at 11.35am, the new low sensory studio will be open for people with disability to move and exercise in a safe environment – carers and support workers welcome at no cost.

This is an exciting opportunity for people living with disability to engage in an active gym space that ensures accessibility needs are met and safety is prioritised. It’s an initiative we’ve been seeing more of in recent years, and we encourage gyms and recreational centres to continue improving accessibility and promoting inclusivity for everyone in the community.

Engaging in community sports and gym programs are great ways to build your social network and stay on top of your physical wellbeing. With the support and guidance of knowledgeable staff, participants are encouraged to have fun and build their self-esteem in a nurturing environment.

The circuit class is run by trained instructors and is programmed specifically for people with complex physical and sensory needs. The classes include a range of different activities focusing on strength, balance and cardio, and run for 45 minutes per session. Extra time is spent assisting participants with required needs before and after the session.

Gym equipment will be available for use, and circuit stations will ensure each individual has time to engage deeply in an activity before moving to the next. There’s lots of activities to choose from, including using the treadmill, bikes, rower, and boxing equipment.

Each class will have room for 6-8 people. Limited availability per session means individuals will receive appropriate guidance and care, and will be able to move at their own pace.

Sessions are $7.90 each, or free for Active Monash members.

To make a booking or find out more about the program, go to the Active Monash website or call them on 9265 4888.