Phillip is making an impact

A person wearing a high vis vest and glasses

Phillip is a representative on OC Connections’ Staff Consultative Committee. He works in the skin pack (sealed plastic) section in the packing enterprise of OCC Enterprises as a supported employee.

Phillip says he likes being able to use the machines and being part of a team while making friends at work. He also likes being part of an organisation that supports people with disability.

Phillip joined the Staff Consultative Committee as a representative of the supported employee cohort with the aim of making information accessible for supported employees.

“I want to improve the way information is delivered and received while having a say in the decisions made.” says Phillip. He believes it is important that staff have someone they know and trust to represent them and feel confident in approaching with their ideas and opinions.

Every team member and team’s contribution has an impact felt throughout the whole organisation. Our aim is to facilitate the contribution made by OC Connections’ employees to ensure that they feel safe and heard.

You can read more about supported employment at OCC Enterprises here and how you can work with us here.