Marathon Man run in Melbourne

Thanks from Graham

11115A Big Thank You

“Well the BIG day has come and gone but the memory will live on forever and be the start to many exciting adventures in the future.

It was an incredible feeling completing the 42.2 kilometre run with my family there to greet me inside the M.C.G, at the finish line. My dream came true and I am grateful that everything went to plan on the day.

Thank you to everyone for sharing my journey and in the process , raising over $3000 for a very worthy and meaningful cause.

The biggest thanks to my wife Emma for holding down the fort with the kids and for supporting me every step of the way.

img_2534 To everyone that made a donation, I thank you for your huge generosity for completely exceeding my expectations and overwhelming me with your charity and kindness.

To everyone that very kindly displayed our flyer and handed it out to others, I am very grateful.

To the Monash Leader, The Australian Jews News and Bialik College for publicly sharing my story and spreading the word in the greater community, I am humbled.

To the Oakleigh Centre for allowing me to represent them and be an ambassador in such a positive manner, I feel proud to be associated with such a wonderful community.

To the marketing genius that is Justin Bruce, thank you for the hours of planning, conversations, emails, calls, updates and passion that you have committed to making this all a reality and giving me such a fantastic platform in which to get my message across.
Who knows what the future may bring? Another Marathon? An Ultra Marathon? A Triathlon? Stay tuned for more!”

Graham Furman
(The Marathon Man)

Graham Raised $3788 for the Oakleigh Centre and we are extremely grateful to all who supported Graham in this incredible journey.


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