Mark’s Move into Supported Independent Living

Meet Mark!

He’s one of our newest residents in Supported Independent Living.

Mark’s journey into independent living started a month before he moved in. Jane, General Manager of Community Living, and Delwin had several meetings with Mark and his family to make sure this was the right move for him. They also hosted familiarisation meetings so that the current residents had the chance to get to know Mark before living with him.

The home is categorised as Improved Living – perfect for people with lower support needs looking to explore a more independent life. Mark and his housemates work at OCC Enterprises and attend our day program during the week, and they receive professional support in the evenings.

Since moving in, Mark has taken initiative in cleaning tasks around the house. He works at OCC Enterprises and has had several factory jobs in the past, so his knowledge of cleaning chemicals and practices have helped him to keep the space tidy. He’s even been teaching his housemates new methods of cleaning, supporting them to grow their household management skills.

Delwin, a Community Living Team Leader, says he’s “quickly become an integral part of the family” and he’s already making close friendships with his fellow residents.

From the beginning, Mark has been friendly and expressive. His housemates have been helping him settle in by showing him the ins and outs of living independently, exploring the neighbourhood with him, and taking him to the best coffee and food spots in the area. They’ve enjoyed getting to know Mark over the last few months and feel like he’s become an important part of their group dynamic.

“It’s been really great moving in and it’s been a great challenge to live and work around a group of people with different backgrounds of disability and get my freedom again.”

Thank you, Mark, for sharing the story of your transition into Supported Independent Living.

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