SASI Art Show

The opening night of the SASI Art Show was a heartwarming, resounding success. Staff from across OC Connections came to support our participants in exhibiting their beautiful works of art to the community, including OC’s CEO Therese Desmond.

I can only urge you to take a drive to Cube 37 in Frankston and see the wonderful art on display. The show runs from [the] opening until 22 November and it’s well worth a trip.

Several participants’ pieces sold early on in the night, including Peter’s stunning artwork. Peter has a strong eye for colour and utilises black marker with confidence.

Along with many participants in the OC Art Space, Peter has been encouraged to submit his art to several exhibitions – recently, his creativity was showcased at Cardinia Cultural Centre in an exhibition for people living with disabilities.

Participants who have their works on display are:

  • Ben
  • Anna
  • Craig
  • Mitchell
  • Nicolas
  • Peter
  • Joey
  • Kathleen

The OC Arts Team are always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with the broader community and share our participants’ stories.

OC’s Art Space provides an encouraging environment for participants to learn creative self-expression, build their confidence, and communicate with others. Support staff Renate, Rose, Michelle, Marie, Idit and Val have built a strong foundation at OC Connections, guiding participants to maximise their abilities and engage in a diverse range of artistic mediums.

You still have time to visit the SASI Art Show and appreciate the incredible artistic achievements of our creative participants!

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