Reaching participant goals thanks to OC Connections’ Co-Achieve model.

Meet OC Connections’ Community Living resident, Debra.

In recent weeks, Debra’s Support Worker, Carlos had noticed that Debra required more assistance getting in and out of her bed and sofa chair, so started the process of finding her more suitable equipment.

After assisting Debra’s support network with relevant information, the NDIS provided funding and, OC Connections was able to facilitate the purchase of an extra low bed to support her needs. When the bed arrived for Debra, she was very excited and was looking forward to her first night’s sleep in the new bed.

Carlos is currently in the process of assisting Debra to find a new recliner, which will make it easier for her to spend time in the living area without the difficulty of getting in and out of her chair.

This is a great example of OC Connections’ Co Achieve model in operation, where OC Connections works closely with participant to understand what they need, how and when they need it and help achieve their goals. To find out more about the Co Achieve model click the link below.