OC Connections provides specialised and innovative support services designed to create outcomes that enhance the quality of life for the people we support and their families.

A variety of supports integrated across your life enables you to get the most out of OC Connections. Our Co-Achieve operating model guides us to help you achieve your goals through person-centred active support, positive behaviour support, communication support and design thinking.

Within the six months from January – July 2021, 84.7% of goals were achieved by participants at OC Connections using the Co-Achieve approach.

Read more below about how working with you through our Co-Achieve model can help you achieve your goals.

The OC Co-Achieve model supports you to:

  • Develop, grow skills and have new experiences
  • Pursue dreams and aspirations
  • Develop a sense of purpose and belonging
  • Enable you to be heard and valued, accepted and included
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Contribute to the community in a meaningful way

The OC Co-Achieve model was developed by OC Connections to support people living with disabilities to achieve their goals, great and small.

Women Sitting and smiling while using Ipad to complete Support Coordination Services

The OC Co-Achieve model guides us to ensure that:

  • We support you across all aspects of your life
  • We understand what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it
  • We work with you to set clear and achievable goals
  • We monitor how you are progressing to meet your goals
  • You get the support you need, how and when you need it
  • You achieve your goals and set new ones

co-achieve model

working with people to achieve their goals

OC Connections works with people with disability using a person-centred approach to achieve their goals.

From January – June 2021, 84.7% of goals were achieved by participants at OC Connections using this approach.

Pie chart outlining Goal Achievement from January - June 2021

oc connections’ goal completion rate 2018-2021

The impact of COVID-19 and lockdowns in 2020 saw a drop in goals completed with many participants having to stay at home.

The return of support on site and opening of our hubs and employment sites resulted in an increase in goal completions for the first six months of 2021.

Person centred active support (PCAS)

Person Centred Active Support (PCAS) is an approach that enables people with a disability to engage in everyday activities of their choice, with the amount of support they need.

PCAS or Active Support (AS) is an evidence-based approach that enables and empowers people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of life. The Active Support approach encourages supporters and workers to customise the support to the individual to ensure they are meeting their needs.

Positive behaviour support (PBS)

OC Connections provides support to adults with a disability. Using an evidence-based approach called Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which focuses primarily on increasing a person’s quality of life while decreasing the frequency and severity of any behaviour of concern.

PBS is an evidence-based approach to supporting people with intellectual disabilities who display behaviours of concern. Being an evidenced-based practice means that PBS has been proven to be successful.

communication support

At OC Connections we believe that communication that focuses on promoting respectful and fulfilling interactions is the cornerstone to the provision of truly person-centred support.

Communication support begins with the process of understanding an individual’s communication needs. People with Complex Communication Support Needs (CCSN) often require additional strategies and/or specialised resources to support their expression or reception of information.

In order to understand a person’s communication needs a communication assessment is often required. Once the assessment and report has been completed the support team can work together to identify the priority communication needs of an individual.

school leaver employment support participant harry sitting on the train

design thinking

OC Connections use a successful and innovative approach called Design Thinking to build and improve the services we offer and the way in which we offer them to participants. Design Thinking is a creative and person-centred method used to solve complex problems.

OC Connections focuses on empowerment, self-determination, person-centeredness, and strengths-based practice. Design thinking

encourages a deeper empathy and connection with the people we support and ensures our service delivery models are aligned with our participant’s aspirations.

The Design Thinking process is flexible and focused on collaboration between participants and support workers, employers or carers, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life based on how the individual thinks, feels and behaves.