Our Document Management enterprise is going great guns

Since it’s inception in September 2021, OCC Enterprises’ (OCCE) Document Management service at 1088 Centre Road has doubled in size.

The current contract with the Department of Defence (DoD) delivers specific scanning and digitisation of DoD archives and we are hopeful that the quality and efficiency of the work delivered from our supported employment team will result in additional work being allocated from the department.

“We have found the OC Connections team easy to deal with…responsive, open to feedback, and supportive of our program. Due to their robust Quality Assurance program, the quality of the work produced by the team at OC Connections has been outstanding, with the number of errors well below expectations for this type of work. With the team exceeding expectations for our contracts, we are in discussion to expand the amount and type of work that could be undertaken in the future” 

S Harnett, Director, Defence Archives Service Centres

This is a major boost to our operations and, in particular, the confidence and commitment of those who work in the enterprise. An increase in delivery will mean more work for supported employees who are interested in working in administration and developing their skills in this area. It expands further on the range of supported employment work and opportunities for development available at OCCE.

We’re dedicated to bringing together meaningful opportunities and high quality support in our My Work programs participants can choose their preferred experiences in fulfilling and fair employment.

Our Document Management team are equally enthused. Each day the team are optimistic, diligent, and highly committed to their work.

Some of our team share what they most enjoy about Document Management:

“I like working in a team and I help others when they get stuck” Scott

“I enjoy learning new programs” Claire

“I enjoy the interesting work and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly” Valerie

“It keeps you busy, and you have always got interesting things to do” Lisa

The future looks very bright for our Document Management enterprise, with the potential of additional contracts, meaning more employment opportunities it creates as we continue to innovate and mature our business processes, systems and people capability.

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