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OC Connections Enterprises provides a supported work environment where employees build confidence, learn new skills and take pride in their work, all in a safe, supportive and professional environment.


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Develop skills, confidence and independence With Supported Employment AT OCC enterprises

Our supported work environment allows you the opportunity to build skills and confidence so you can take pride in your work, develop meaningful relationships, have the potential for promotion and work towards your employment goals. 

Supported Employment empowers people with disabilities to have the same right to work as all Australians.  It provides opportunities for participants to engage with the community, feel valued and earn money so they can lead the life they want.

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OC Connections (OCC) is an Australian Disability Enterprise located in Oakleigh South and provides employment and employment supports for over 100 people with disability in South East Melbourne.

We wholly endorse the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s expectation of inclusive workplaces that offer practical and productive environments with access to career pathways.

We offer a range of workplace opportunities, including supported working environments, open workforce support and placement, or placement in our own business enterprises.

What is supported employment?

Supported Employment is on-the-job assistance for people with moderate to high support needs to allow them to fully participate in work.  It is usually conducted in an Australian Disability Enterprise, like OCC Enterprises, under the guidance and support of trained disability support workers.

Supported Employment can help people to gain confidence and experience to step into less supported, or different employment. It is an NDIS funded support, so in order to access Supported Employment, or work with us as a Supported Employee, you need to have funding for Employment Supports in your plan and be 18 years of age or over. 

Benefits of Supported Employment With OCC ENTERPRISES

OCC Enterprises aims to provide participants greater choice and control in the use of their supports to enable approaches to employment that meet your needs and goals, including the settings in which they occur. With almost 50 years of experience in providing employment supports to people with disability, OCC Enterprise are well placed to provide a comprehensive range of services and supports to ensure people thrive in the employment they choose.


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    Tailored To You

    At OCC Enterprises our employment services are tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations. We start by discussing your career goals and create an Individual Employment Plan that fits your goals and support needs.

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    Goal Progression

    We work with you and track your progress to make sure you’re developing and achieving your goals, both professionally and personally.


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    Finding The Right Fit

    OCC Enterprises offer work experience and work trials, during which supported employees can try different areas of work, get to know other employees and be assessed for what is the most ideal and appropriate work area in which to start.


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    Career Development

    We work hard to find the right employment match for each supported employee and provide ongoing training opportunities to build skills and encourage career development.



We are Victoria’s only disability organisation contracted to provide administrative support through the department’s Defence Administration Assistance Program (DAAP). 

Supported employees work across a range of office-based tasks, including: filing, photocopying and collating on site at the Victorian Barracks on St Kilda Rd.

Supported Office Employees sitting at a desk with their supervisor, while another male supported employee stands at the back with his support worker



Based at our head office in Oakleigh South, our packing division provides opportunities for supported employees to undertake a range of tasks, from constructing and packing boxes to using our wrapping machinery and learning how to operate in a warehouse environment.

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Our mobile car wash service operates on site at both government and private businesses and has Supported Employees working outdoors in a team environment based at the customers’ business premises. Supported employees have options to work exclusively in Car Wash or part-time as a work experience option across our enterprises.

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From reception and calendar keeping to data management opportunities, our Supported Employees have the opportunity to work on site at our South Oakleigh offices or at our customer’s premises to learn all aspects of administration. Opportunities are available to learn on-the-job at the Department of Defence and other local government partners to provide general administration support to its employees.

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We are recruiting NDIS participants who want to work!

We have supported employment positions available in:

  • Packing
  • Administration
  • Document Management
  • Car Washing
  • Eco-Bollard manufacturing

Applicants do not require experience to join the OCCE team as a supported employee.

What you do need is:

  • A desire to work in one of our business areas
  • Motivation to work
  • A passion to learn new skills
  • The ability to work in a team
  • NDIS Funding

Hear from our supported employees about what it means to work at OCCE

Employee Testimonials


Working at OCCE and having a stable job means I can care and provide for my daughter. OCCE is flexible and supportive of me as a working mum. They understand when I need time for my family and this means I can look after my daughter and myself. I love coming to work to see […]

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I love being a Team Leader! It was a goal of mine that I worked hard to achieve. I love helping people when they are struggling with a job and like helping teach them new things. Its good to be able to come to work all the time and see the smiling faces. OCCE is […]

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“The environment and atmosphere at OCC Enterprises is great. The staff are helpful and supportive; they understand the needs of each person with a disability and try their best to provide individual support for them.  Things are explained in detail and we get support every step of the way. There should be more places like OCC in our community that support people with a disability and more importantly promote independence.”

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