Document Management Employment Opportunities

If working in an office undertaking copying, filing, scanning and archiving is what you want to do, then our Document Management Supported Employment opportunities will suit you.  Be supported while you learn the skills required on-the-job at our OCC Enterprises offices, or other employment sites.

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are you interested in working in document management, with support and training?

On-the-job training in Document Management – start 2022

OCC Enterprises is recruiting supported employees who want to work and develop their skills in Document Management and Administration now. 

Start in 2022
A great start for people with disability looking for office and administrative skills
Flexible hours and days available
Experience not necessary
NDIS Funding required
On-the-job training and support
Work trials available
Not job ready, we can help you!
South Oakleigh location 

what is document management?

Document management is a way to store documents electronically through PDFs, word processing files and digital images of paper-based content. 

OCC Enterprises provides document management services to a range of Melbourne based businesses, including the Department of Defence.  We require Document Management Team Members to help us scan, photocopy, file and archive a range of documents. 

You will learn the how to’s of document management while supported by disability support workers and trainers. 

The skills learnt, include:

  • Document preparation
  • Electronic scanning of documents
  • Data entry
  • Filing and archiving
  • Computer systems and scanners
  • Quality control procedures
  • Working in a team
  • Effective and professional communication

what would i do in the document management role?

As a document management team member you will: 

  • Scan paper documents and save as pdf files 
  • Save pdf files into folders
  • File and archive electronic and paper-based information 

You will learn how to do these tasks while you work at OCCE.  Our support staff will work with you to: 

  • Set your work and training goals 
  • Show you how to do each task 
  • Support you in undertaking each task  
  • Support you in working towards your goals 

Opportunities also exist for team leaders and supervisors.  

I like working in a team and on the computer. I have an IT Certificate and I can use my training. It is also an opportunity to improve my skills towards Team Leader.

I’ve learnt how to use the scanner, the program to keep documents, the label printer, how to operate the computer and how to type names into the computer in alphabetical order.

Scott, OCCE Document Management Team Leader

do i need experience to work in document management at occ enterprises?

Applicants do not require experience to join the OCCE Document Management Team. 

What you do need is: 

  • A desire to work in administration 
  • Motivation to work 
  • A passion to learn new skills 
  • The ability to work in a team 
  • NDIS Funding

OCCE will provide: 

  • Employment support 
  • A work and training plan, incorporating your goals 
  • On-the-job training 
  • A supportive, friendly environment 
  • A work trial to determine your job readiness 

If you need further job ready training, we can assist you in finding options, such as our Towards Employment pathway, to develop the work-ready skills required.  These skills might be team work, communication skills, confidence building, resume development, job planning, formal on the job training and work experience.


OCC Enterprise is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). The NDIS funds on the job support if you need it in the workplace, including in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). 

To commence in a Document Management Supported Employee role at OCC Enterprise, you must have NDIS funding for employment.  This funding is allocated to the Specialised Supported Employment Category within your Core Supports. 

If you do not have employment supports funding in your NDIS plan, you will need to talk to your planner or NDIS to discuss your funding requirements, eligibility and steps to incorporate this funding in your plan. 

You can contact us to discuss your funding requirements.

when do i start and what hours WILL i work?

OCC Enterprises are currently recruiting for 2022. 

We are taking applications now. When you apply, we will arrange to meet (online or in person) and organise a work trial.  Find out more about the application and employment process. 

Your work hours will depend on your availability and support requirements.  We will discuss what your support needs and availability are and see if they will work with our current requirements. 

Full days (6.5 hours), part days (to be agreed), early or late start times and end times are available. 

where will i work & who will i work with?

Our Document Management services are currently located at: 

1088 Centre Road, Oakleigh South 

You will undertake your work trial at these premises. Successful applicants will also work at these premises.

As further document management opportunities become available, additional work sites and locations may be possible.  These opportunities will be made available to current and prospective Supported Employees. 

You will work with other supported employees who want to gain experience and skills in document management; as well as experienced team leaders and Disability Support Workers and Trainers, who will assist you in gaining the skills and knowledge to lead you to a successful employment pathway. 

Meet some of our experienced Document Managers: 


how do i know document management is for me?

Document Management is suitable for you if you want to: 

  • gain administration skills 
  • work in an office environment 
  • work in small teams 
  • Team based environment 
  • Computer based work/skills 
  • On the job experience in a supported environment 

Still not sure? Speak to us about undertaking a work trial. 

This is a good job that gets you thinking and using your brain. It’s a fun atmosphere and you are so busy concentrating on the job which makes time pass quickly.

Basil, OCCE Document Management Team Member
Two people sit looking at each other. One is handing a document to the other and is about to discuss the document

Hear from our Supported Employees about what it is like to work at OCCE

how do i find out more?

Veronica Galdames 
[email protected]
0427 006 954 

Talk to us today about these opportunities 

How do I apply?


Contact Veronica to discuss the opportunity: Send Email


We’ll discuss your goals, funding, support requirements and any other questions, virtually or in person.


Join us for a half day voluntary work trial so you can see if the work suits your skills and goals. If you decide it doesn’t work for you at this stage, we can look at other options, including further work-ready training via our Towards Employment pathway, depending on your eligibility and funding. If this is the job for you, we will discuss requirement sprior to your start.


OCCE will equip you with the induction/orientation information to help you start your new role with confidence.


You can start in your Document Management role in early 2022. We will discuss with you start dates and times that work for you.