OC Connections’ Annual General Meeting 2019

20 September 2020

The OC Connections (OCC) 69th Annual General Meeting was held at The Metropolitan Golf Club in October.

The meeting is a forum to report back to members and our community and supporters about OCC and an opportunity to celebrate and showcase participant and staff achievements over the year.

It was a very successful night with more than 70 people coming together including a number of participants and families along with many staff, business partners, funders, volunteers and board directors.

Please enjoy the evening’s highlights in the video below.  

Highlights from the evening

Bernadette spoke about her involvement in recruitment and orientation. She introduced a video that was developed as an example of the work she does in this area.

Ben was also present with his family and we were pleased to acknowledge Ben’s role on the OH&S Committee.

Jack from the Defence Administrative Assistance Program (DAAP) spoke about the scope of his work and what it means to him. Jack was engaging and spoke from the heart. Jack was accompanied by John Stanyer from the Department of Defence. Mr Stanyer is a tremendous advocate for OCC and spoke about the positive impact that the DAAP team has had on the St Kilda Road Barracks. His presentation was heartfelt and confirmed that people living with disability can achieve workplace outcomes and add value to the culture.

Following the presentations, OC Connections celebrated the milestone achievements of staff and presented them with awards for the wonderful work they contribute to improve people’s lives. It was lovely that most people had family members present to share in their achievements.

The award recipients included:

Vicki Hayes

Jasmine Ferey

Patricia Kennedy

Kai Wang

Victoria Williams

Kathy Wakim

Gregg Osborne

Cristina Galdames

Bianca Mans

Renate Carnat

Meredith Annand

Michelle Jacobs

Hugo Campos Godoy

Naureen Virani

Debra White

Kikue Shea

Denis Carolin

Valerie Rowe

Theresa (Teri) McNeil

Kim Dillon

Heather Day

Therese Desmond introduced Tom Baxter, Chair of the Board, Tony McAvaney, Treasurer, Alan Bergman and Sara Bretnall as reappointed Directors and new board members Kaitlyn Gulle and Michael Dillon. Emma Liepa’s retirement was announced.

We wish to extend our thanks to The Metropolitan Golf Club for their ongoing generosity in the support of OCC events.

Download the 2018/19 Annual Report here.