OC Connections’ Annual General Meeting 2018

Our 2018 Annual General Meeting was held at The Metropolitan Golf Club in October.  The meeting is a forum to report back to members about OC Connections and an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the achievements of OC Connections (OCC), participants and staff alike.

This year’s AGM highlighted the OC Co-Achieve Model and the wonderful accomplishments that this initiative has facilitated, with a slideshow celebrating our participants’ feats; a talk by parent Chris Seel about his daughter, Georgie’s, important triumphs; and a speech by Rishi, a supported employee at OCC Enterprises (OCCE), who shared his experiences and achievements at OCCE.

Chris acknowledged that OCC has been a great fit for Georgie and their family, assisting her to reach her goals.  Chris talked about where once he or his wife would rush home to meet Georgie on the bus, to get her settled with a snack while trying to attend to work emails and tasks, Georgie now walks home with her support worker and has learnt to prepare herself snacks, under guidance.  Chris says that this has helped the family immensely by providing a calm environment to come home to and has shown both him and his wife what Georgie is capable of.  According to Chris the next step is to teach Georgie to bring the washing in and undertake a few tasks with her support worker in the afternoon.

Rishi has worked for OCCE for five years, working his way from process worker to leading a team for car washing and, more recently, a packing contract.  He thanked the staff and colleagues for the skills and experience they have provided him.

“Working for OC Connections Enterprises has been a worthwhile experience because everything what I have learnt or experienced is something I haven’t learnt outside. I would like to thank everyone from OC Connections from staff to all my supervisors. Thank you for teaching me all the skills I have learnt.” Rishi

Vicki Hayes, GM Engagement and Partnerships, also had the honour of presenting the final video (see below)  in the redevelopment series which highlights the move from congregate care to supported living accommodation and the positive impact this move has had on participants.

Peter Willcocks was reappointed as a Director of the Board for another year. David Admans and Sara Brentnall were also reappointed as Directors. Treasurer Mark Toohey’s retirement was announced and Peter thanked Mark for his tireless work during his time at OCC.

The following staff were also recognised for their years of service at OC Connections:

5 years of service

  • John Lapierre
  • Stirling Moran
  • Mathew Mills
  • Trevor Smith
  • Simon Shi

10 years of service

  • Jose Munoz
  • Jolanta Mielczarek
  • Marie Daley
  • Greg Whitters

20 years of service

  • Athena Kontonis
  • Roberta Poriazis
  • Maiten Maldonado

“Maiten is known for her passion for helping people to attain their goals. She ensures that our work practices are sound and that the people we support have their needs met and their voices heard. She works hard to support her staff, enabling them to do their best.” Therese Desmond (CEO)

“Athena is passionate and positive and can always be relied upon to see her work through to completion. She is highly skilled and has the ability to engage with a wide range of people. She is dedicated to her employees and will always go the extra mile to get a good outcome for them and her customers.” Therese Desmond (CEO)

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