Eco Friendly Mobile Fleet Cleaning

The OC Eco Car Wash® is an eco-friendly mobile fleet cleaning service that delivers remarkable results not only for your vehicles, but also for the environment and the community.

Our fully trained, professional team of supported employees have exceptional attention to detail and are supported by trained staff. This service caters for a range of vehicles from small sedans to large vans and utes, to small buses and light trucks.

The OC Connections Enterprises fleet cleaning service delivers exceptional results not only for your vehicles, but also for the environment and the community. Our professional fleet cleaning team of supported employees are expertly trained, take great pride in their work and are ready to clean your vehicles with care and precision.

Our innovative cleaning system is kind on the environment. We use less than half a litre of water to wash an average size car and use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. This type of cleaning means we can operate from almost any site and can help you save on water bills.

Our fleet cleaning services can be tailored to your requirements. This includes vehicle sanitising, interior detailing and steam cleaning plus exterior wash and polish. This mobile service operates within Metropolitan Melbourne helping government and private fleet operators as well as car dealerships keep their fleet clean whilst unlocking social value by providing meaningful work in their local community for people with disability.

The OC Eco Car Wash®

  • Mobile Service

    OC Eco Car Wash® uses dedicated fleet cleaning vans to provide a mobile service within the Metropolitan Melbouren area, meaning our team comes to you!  We understand your time is precious so our expert team will work at your site, reducing your teams downtime normally wasted waiting in line at a commercial car wash.

  • Waterless wash

    Our unique waterless wash system means we can wash your car anywhere, with little to no mess. Plus, you can feel good knowing that our service delivers exceptional results for your fleet, the environment and the community.

  • Vehicle sanitising

    Did you know that your car is home to more germs than your toilet seat? The OC Eco Car Wash service offers a 76-point sanitisation service, perfect for shared fleet vehicles.

  • Interior detailing and steam cleaning

    Our team have exceptional attention to detail vacuuming and detailing the interior of vehicles so they have that fresh new feeling. For an extra deep clean we can also provide steam cleaning of fabric seats and even children’s car seats.

  • Exterior wash and polish

    An exterior wash and polish will leave your fleet shining like new! Plus, with our unique waterless wash system we don’t need access to a wash bay and will save you 100+ litres of water per vehicle.

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable products

    All our products have been carefully sources to be safe and friendly for both the environment and the community.


Extremely professional, courteous and nothing seems too much trouble.  For us it just makes our lives a little bit easier.  We take a lot of pride in what we do, and the presentation is one aspect of this.

Rob Maglicic, City of Casey


mordialloc car wash crew “make the cars sparkle”

When Major Road Projects Victoria constructed the Mordialloc Freeway, construction partner McConnell Dowell Decmil Joint Venture (MCDDJV) engaged the services of OCCE for the mammoth task of cleaning their project site vehicles.

OCCE’s car wash operations provided a social and environmental component to the project, an important consideration for all Victorian Government construction projects.


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