The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Hobby

Hobbies are good for your mental health.

Using your time in a meaningful way, doing something you love, gives you more confidence.

Your mind loves to be engaged in play and learning.

There are many benefits to doing a regular activity you enjoy.

So how do you pick a hobby?

Here are some questions to help on your search.


1. What do you enjoy doing?

Most things can be transformed into a hobby.
cooking class

Do you like eating food?

Try a cooking class.

Do you like animals?

Volunteer at a dog or cat rescue.

Our core interests can shine a light on what we find fun and engaging.

Sometimes this can be as simple as: “I like solving problems.”

Problem Solving

There are many hobbies for problem solvers, like;

gaming, doing puzzles, or learning a computer program.

activities suited for you

What you like to do can open doors to hobbies that might suit you.

2. Do you want to relax OR do you want to be challenged?

Everyone is different.

You might find painting my numbers relaxing. Someone else might find painting by numbers hard.

Pick something that you feel you are missing in your daily life.

Do you feel stressed after learning new computer skills?
Try something hands-on and tactile

Move away from a computer and play with clay. Try something hands-on and tactile.

Do you feel bored in the afternoons?

Get your friends together and play a board game.

Learning new things keeps your mind happier. Giving your attention to an activity helps your mind to be calmer.

3. Do you want to be creative OR do you want to be physically active?

This can change at different times.

painting activities

You might want to paint one day and play tennis another day.

Think about what type of energy you want to release.


Do you want to move around?

Do you want to use your hands?

Do you want to use your hands?

Do you want to use your hands?

Do you want to use your mind?

4. What activity makes the time fly?

Do you ever lose track of time when you do an activity?


When the time flies by, it means you are focusing on the task and letting go of stress.


Maybe it’s baking and decorating cakes.


Maybe it’s playing the guitar.

If the time goes quickly, you should make it a regular hobby.

Tips for Hobbying


Pay attention to how you’re feeling while you’re doing the activity.
Frustrated? Breathe. Take a break.


Stick with it!

Keep trying and build your confidence.


OC Connections has lots of activities to try out. Talk to your Support Coordinator or contact us directly about: