Volunteering with cats

Di (picture below) loves animals! In May this year she expressed an interest in volunteering at an animal shelter to make connections in her local community and satisfy her love of cats.With the support of Carl Klimek (OC Connections) and the Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS), Di now volunteers every Monday at the Dandenong South cat retirement village and she loves it!

According to Carl, Di wears a permanent smile while she assists with the day to day activites at the shelter. These activities range from brushing the cats to cleaning the enclosures to socialising with the animals. An important part of the centre’s work is to integrate the mature cats who are too old to re-home with the newly introduced and often traumatised younger cats before they are ready for adoption.

Di enjoys socialising with the cats to help build their confidence with people and also engaging with the AAPS staff, sharing stories that reinforce the importance of work they do at the shelter.

“Both Di and the animals benefit greatly from the experience” Carl Klimek

In the future Di would like to work with the dogs as well and is looking forward to visiting the new purpose-built shelter currently under construction.

Thank you to the AAPS for their support and thank you to Di for making this world a better place for many homeless cats.