Vlada receives her COVID-19 vaccination

Woman receives a needle from a nurse, while being consoled by two other nurses.  All four are sitting at a table in the home

Community Living resident and Day Support participant, Vlada, received her Pfizer vaccine last week through Aspen Medical.

Vlada was very proud of this achievement and asked that it be shared to show how brave she was. This was Vlada’s fourth attempt at receiving the vaccine and it was finally successful! Well done Vlada.

Vlada’s support worker, Caitlin, said “Vlada is very proud of herself as are we. Aspen medical was amazing and the team were so kind and patient.”

This is a great example of resilience and patience from both our participants and staff. We would like to extend our thanks to all staff involved in assisting both Vlada and all of our Community Living residents in accessing opportunities to get the vaccine.

At this stage, 96.55% of all of our Community Living residents have received the first vaccine and 17.24% of residents have received their second. In addition to this, 98.27% of all residents have received their Flu shots!