Triumphant in times of change

An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic.

David has been coming to OC Connections since January 2011 and attends Day Support services five days a week. He has a lot of energy and enjoys physical activities like walking, swimming and basketball. He loves his six-week-long overseas holidays with family to countries like Japan. He especially enjoys visiting Vietnam.

David enjoys having a routine, so the recent changes at OC Connections due to the restrictions put in place by the government had an impact on David’s daily activities.

Since working with staff member Angie, David has become more receptive to change and engages in activities like walking in the garden, puzzles and artwork. Angie developed a timetable with David that gives him the control to make his own choices about how he spends his day.

“David is visibly happier and more engaged. He has shown incredible resilience in adapting to this new way of life.” OC Connections Disability Support Worker