Bethany seizes the day in Day Support

An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bethany started attending OC Connections Day Support in 2018. At that time she was not very confident and did not engage a lot with others or readily initiate involvement in many activities.

Recently though, and even during this especially challenging period, Bethany has developed a new level of confidence and independence. When attending Day Support, Bethany has participated in a range of activities including baking cakes, doing jigsaws, beading to make necklaces and bracelets, reading, writing and riding a bike just to name a few.

Bethany’s Mum told us that she has observed that Bethany is engaged more in activities at home and for more extended periods. Her communication skills have also improved.

During this period of adversity, Bethany, and many other participants from OC Connections have taken on new challenges, building their self-confidence and resilience.

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