Tree-mendous job by the team at Melbourne Treeworks.

Towards the end of last year, a member from the Clayton Church of Christ, Tim Wong, offered his generous services to OC Connections through the Church’s Love Loud initiative. In following the initiative’s mission of ‘blessing our community with no strings attached’ Tim and his crew from Melbourne Treeworks came to remove a damaged tree at one of our Community Living properties in Hampton East.

The dead tree had become a hazard, not only to our community but surrounding neighbours on the street.

Tim generously volunteered his team to safely remove the tree by cutting it down into manageable pieces, disposing of it and clearing the area afterwards. The garden bed where the tree once was, has never looked more pleasant.

The proceedings only took 2 hours and has now made a safer environment for our participants when walking through the area.

We would like to thank Tim and his crew from Melbourne Treeworks for their wonderful work in our community and for making our living environment that much safer.

Partnering with members of our community to better support people living with disability is an important component of our business. The close relationship between OC Connections and the Church of Christ and its congregation has assisted us in ensuring our services, support and facilities are equipped to provide the best support to people with disability, this being just one example.