Jane and Fred – staying connected throughout the pandemic

Two people hugging and laughing for the camera
Two people hugging and laughing for the camera

Jane and Fred are long-term friends who live in separate OC Connections’ supported accommodation.  During lockdown they had to rely on phone calls and zooms to say connected. Fred also sent cards to Jane and a video performance of him playing the didgeridoo.

As restrictions lifted, the two have been able to spend some more time together – sharing meals or even a coffee in the backyard of Jane’s house.

Community Living Team Leader, Whitney Kendall, says that it has been important for staff to facilitate these connections for not only Jane and Fred, but all OC Connections’ community living residents during the pandemic so they can stay in contact with family, friends and loved ones and to not become isolated.

“With the help of staff, Fred and Jane, as with all of our community living residents, have been able to maintain their relationships, making lockdowns and restrictions a little easier to deal with.” says Whitney.

The photograph above shows what it means for Jane and Fred to be able to see each other in person.

We see the best results when we co-design activities, goals and support together with participants and their network. Our Co-Achieve model guides us to understand and develop different aspects of a person’s life that need to be supported and connected for engaged and meaningful living. Stories like Jane and Fred’s are important for us and the community. All experiences are an opportunity to share and to connect with other people. By sharing our stories, we can celebrate where we are today, where we’ve come from, and inspire other people to do the same. 

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