Taryn’s Big Move into SDA

In April, a regular participant of our Short Term Accommodation made the huge move into her very own home.

Taryn, or Taz as her family and friends call her, spent several years utilising our short term accommodation space, learning how to live independently and developing household skills such as cooking and cleaning.

With the encouragement and support of the Community Living team and her family, Taz envisioned a permanent space to call her own.

"STA has been a life saver in so many ways. Taz has grown so much also having the access to STA and has just loved going more than we ever thought."

"STA has been a godsend to Phil and I, giving us a bit of normality back... we look forward to seeing Taz grow even more in [SDA]."

Once NDIS funding was approved, Taryn and her family explored several of our Specialist Disability Accommodations around southeast Melbourne to find the right fit. They settled on a home in Oakleigh, and although anxieties were high in anticipation for the big change approaching, Taryn’s family says that everything has “just fallen into place”.

Her family helped her set up her room, hang picture frames and hooks for her handbags, and settle into a new way of life. Taryn has adapted well to the move and already feels comfortable in her new home!

“Having known her housemates from regular weekend barbeques and outings whilst staying at Short Term Accommodation, the transition was smooth and welcoming. Taryn's housemates enjoy her company and appreciate her helpful nature and the move has really lifted the spirits of all those around her.

In particular she has struck up a lovely friendship with housemate Jenny. Taryn loves going for drives and picnics with her housemates, adding a lot of joy to their outings. She has quickly become a valued member of the household.”

When she was utlising Short Term Accommodation, Taryn would prepare her suitcase a week early in excitement.

Now, she has everything she needs to feel a sense of stability and independence in her very own room.

Taryn’s family can’t believe how smoothly the transition went.

“Taryn has absolutely flourished with her newfound independence, she is proud of her new home and loves to show people around it when they visit.

She has also become open to a variety of new things, most notably this has been around her meals which has seen Taryn eagerly try all the regular menu items.”

Thank you to Taz and her family for sharing their experience with OC’s Short Term Accommodation and Specialist Disability Accommodation!

If you or someone you love is looking to grow independence and practice living out of home, reach out to our Community Living team to discuss your options.