support options for school leavers with a disability

Let OC Connections help navigate your transition from school with our range of support options for young adults with a disability.

what do you want to do after school?

Depending on whether you want to develop life or work skills, pursue hobbies, make friends, trial employment options, get a job, build independence or explore living options, OC Connections provide supports for school leavers with disability designed to deliver the following outcomes: 

  • Increased independence 
  • Capacity and skills  building
  • Increased social and community participation
  • Confidence building
  • Support of lifelong learning and growth

Explore our School Leaver options below to find out more.

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OC Connections has a range of support options for school leavers with disability to assist with the transition from school life to the adult world. The type of supports you choose will depend on your goals, interests, support needs and funding. We have identified the general goals of most school leavers below to help you explore the supports available at OC Connections. Your goals might reflect one, two, or all three of these and you may then choose to use a range of our supports to help you meet your goals. Explore each one to see what is on offer for you after school.

Learn life skills, pursue hobbies and make friends

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Develop work skills, trial employment options, get a job

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Build independence, explore living options

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At OC Connections, we can support you to: 

  • Explore creative pursuits while working on motor skills, decision making, communication, making friends and engaging with staff and volunteers. 
  • Develop new skills such as teamwork, organisational skills, leadership, literacy and independence through community interaction, volunteering, working as a team, exploring Melbourne and its surrounds.  
  • Focus on your health and fitness while having fun with friends. 
  • Make connections and meet new people in group activities. 

If these are similar to your goals, you may want to explore My Days activities and supports.

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develop work skills, trial employment options, get a job

If getting a job is important to you, OCC Enterprises can assist you to: 

  • Explore employment options 
  • Development employment plans
  • Identify goals, support needs and learning requirements 
  • Provide on-the-job training 
  • Develop your job ready skills 
  • Place you in supported employment 

If you are ready for work, you can explore our Supported Employment options

Need the skills and confidence to find and keep a job? Explore our Towards Employment – School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) pathway.

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build independence, explore living options

If you aspire to live independently, there are a variety of supported community living options on offer from OC Connections for people with disability.

If you would like to work towards building your independent living skills so you may one day move into a home of your own, you may wish to explore our Short Term Accommodation (or respite care). As well as “time-out”, Short Term Accommodation (STA) provides a chance for you to foster friendships, learn new living skills, build independence and participate in community based activities.

Our In home support options can also help you develop your personal and independent skills by providing assistance in your day-to-day living tasks in your family home or other accommodation, so you can choose how to live the life you want.

Looking to transition into disability accommodation after you have finished school?

You may want to explore our Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Specialist Independent Living options.



Will wants to work on a Highland Cow farm and is developing his employment skills through work experience and other activities as part of the School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) pathway, Towards Employment. Will commenced our SLES pathway immediately after finishing school and has been working on his communication skills, travel training and exploring a range of employment options. If you are like Will and want to develop your employment skills, visit our Towards Employment information page.

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Matthew has attended OC Connections since he left school in 2018. He has undertaken both centre and community based activities at OC Connections. Matthew enjoys activities that get him out and about, allow him to socialise with his peers and build independence. He currently takes part in activities such as Explore Melbourne, Travel Training, Bake and Taste and visiting the Queen Victoria Market. If you are like Matthew and would like to explore your hobbies, socialise with friends and develop your life skills, visit our My Days information page.

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Georgie joined the OC Connections (OCC) Day Support program after she finished her schooling. She has enjoyed participating in offsite activities where she was able to develop her skills in the community, including going to Caribbean Market to buy and eat lunch, bowling, bushwalking, trampolining and visits to Myuna Farm in Doveton. She is now furthering her independence by utilising the OC Connections Short Term Accommodation service. Georgie now has opportunities to enjoy new experiences, hone in on her self-reliance skills and form new friendships – all vital skills for a young woman. If you are like Georgie and would like to develop your independence, visit our Short Term Accommodation page.

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