Specialised support for individual needs

A person sitting in a cafe with a hooded jumper looks into camera, with hands folded on desk
A person sitting in a cafe with a hooded jumper looks into camera, with hands folded on desk

Joshua has goals just like many others: he would like to get his license; maintain a job that he enjoys; live on his own and maintain his independence; and have the opportunity to socialise with friends and participate in the community.

As an NDIS participant, Joshua is using his funding to find the supports that work with his goals and support requirements. He currently works full-time five days a week at an Australian Disability Employment provider, which he loves. However, he has been finding it difficult to find the supports he needs on weekends and outside of his working hours and he wanted to take part in activities with people outside of his family, to develop his independence.

“There were many groups during the weekdays, but I love my job, so finding activities on a weekend was hard,” he says. This is where our individual supports in the City of Casey stepped in. Joshua, together with his Mum and Dad, worked with Casey Hub coordinator, Lyndall to establish what Joshua needed, and when and where he needed them. They established a regular support program with an OC Connections disability support worker to support Joshua every Sunday to get out into the community and live his life the way he wants to.

Joshua says that he would like someone to “help me try new things and push myself a little to take a risk. I would like to do things that other 28 year olds do: find some group activities that other special needs young adults do for recreation on a weekend.”

He has been very happy with the support he has received from OC Connections. “They have helped me participate in weekend activities and encouraged me to talk to new people,” says Joshua “They are good communicators and I don’t feel nervous when I am out. They are interested in what I want to do and listen to my opinions.”

When asked what having someone support him in the community means to him, Joshua says it makes him feel safe having someone to count on if there is a problem when they are away from the safety of his home.

Joshua’s mum has also been impressed with the communication from our team and appreciates specialist knowledge that they share to help find the right support for Joshua. “Having someone who can answer your questions is very helpful,” she says.

Our co-achieve model is our way of working with Joshua on all the different areas of his life that are important for happy and healthy living. Co-achieve helps OC Connections staff learn how to support Joshua to reach his goals. It means we can help Joshua to learn new skills, do new things, decide what he wants in life and how to make it happen.

Our Casey Hub is helping us bring our supports to the City of Casey. It means more people can access our supports and benefit from our Co-Achieve model of disability support. You can find out more about our Casey Hub and our support options below.