OCCE – helping to support kinder kids

The work of OC Connections Enterprises and our supported employees have featured in another video this year, made by the Victorian Government.

In an Australian first, the Victorian Government is funding three-year-old kindergarten across the state and to celebrate is giving all children enrolled in a funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program in 2022 a Kinder Kit – carry cases filled with books, toys and activities made especially for three-year-olds to enjoy at home.

How are OCCE involved?

OCCE’s packing team have been working with Tinta Crayons, packaging their environmentally and child safe crayons for distribution.  The crayons have been included in the Kinder Kit as a child friendly and safe option.

As part of the promotion of the kits, the education department organised videos to be filmed with each of the makers of the kit contents and included video footage of the packing process at 1088 Centre Road.

This project is another example of connecting with our community to provide opportunities for people with disability to reach their personal and employment goals.

It’s a partnership that both parties are very proud of.

“It’s a really wonderful partnership,” says Maria, one half of the Tinta Crayons team. “The most important part for us is to be able to grow it in a way that allows us to support other Victorian businesses to support young people.”

We are dedicated to building impactful partnerships which create shared value through delivering our vision of creating opportunities for people with disability. People living with disability are able to do all types of work, and we are here to find and create the opportunities together with them and organisations like Tinta Crayons so that we can all experience better outcomes.

See the collaboration in the Meet the Makers video.