My brilliant career

In February 2020 Rishi was excited to be appointed to the open employment, Supervisor role at the OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) Car Wash.

Rishi decided to apply for the senior role of Supervisor because he wanted a new challenge and to learn new skills.

He put in an application and was later invited to attend an interview where he had to answer lots of questions. He was excited when he was offered the role shortly after. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed not long after this, the car wash team had to stop operating temporarily.

When we aren’t in lockdown, his job as Supervisor ensures that the car wash service is of high quality. He also supervises and trains employees on best practice car washing techniques.

There are challenges in any role but Rishi says he is able to manage them. His key focus is to motivate people to work as a team and remind everyone about the important steps needed to wash a vehicle.

Rishi’s daily highlights far outweigh the challenges. He especially loves meeting new people, attending new venues and washing a variety of vehicles like buses and vans.

Rishi is excited about the future and is determined to keep learning and growing as a person. His next goal is to undertake computer training so he can learn how to record customer information and do the invoicing.

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