6 February 2022

Anne is our Manager, Quality and Risk and is responsible for the day to day coordination and management of maintaining a COVIDSafe environment at OC Connections, working closely with our teams to ensure infection control procedures are followed, positive cases are reported and recorded, and staff are continually kept up to date with the latest COVID updates and care directives.

Anne brings a wealth of experience in both the quality and risk and disability arenas.  She spent 12 years in executive positions within disability and has worked in quality and risk in both the disability and health care sectors.  This experience has certainly seen her hit the ground running in responding to COVID and other health and safety issues.

In addition to a representative on the Staff Consultative Committee, Anne is also the Chair of OC Connections Health and Safety committee.

She is excited to be a foundation member of the Staff Consultative Committee and sees it as an opportunity to implement change for the good of all employees of OC Connections.  “The committee is a reflection of OC Connections commitment to ensuring a workplace that works for all levels of staff and helps us create a safe, responsive, engaging and productive work environment,” she says.

“I hope that staff feel empowered to speak up and contribute to the operations of OC Connections via this committee, and I look forward to hearing from my colleagues on ways that we can achieve this.”