Mark and Chris receive Community Achiever Awards

Congratulations to OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) supported employees Mark and Chris who were recently awarded the prestigious Parliament of Victoria Community Achiever Award.

The awards event celebrated the significant contributions made by supported employees working in social enterprises across Victoria. The Parliament of Victoria Community Achiever Awards are an opportunity to say thank you and to recognise the social enterprises that employ and support the award recipients and their colleagues.

Sixteen Victorians received Community Achiever Awards at a ceremony held at Parliament House. Nominated by their organisations, award recipients were from the following organisations: OC Connections, AbilityWorks, Knoxbrooke, La Trobe Valley Enterprises, Mambourin, Merriwa, Nadrasca and Outlook.

OC Connections award nominees Mark and Chris, together with their families were invited to the award ceremony at Parliament House.

The day began with the award ceremony in the opulent Queens Hall where Mark and Chris were formally presented with their award by the Hon. Shaun Leane, The President of the Victorian Legislative Council and the Hon. Colin Brooks, Speaker of the House.

After the award proceedings, the delighted group made their way to the Parliamentary rooftop garden for a wonderful gourmet lunch.

In preparation for the award nominations, the parliamentary team lead by Communications Adviser, Trish McCudden, visited OCCE to film Mark and Chris at work. The short film was launched at the awards as an introduction to the nominees.

The event was streamed live on Facebook so that people across the state could watch the ceremony. A recording of the event can be watched here. OC Connections appears at the 1:14 mark.

“Through their efforts at work and their volunteering these community achievers are helping to build better workplaces and stronger local communities,” said President of the Legislative Council Shaun Leane. With these awards we say thank you,” he said.

“These social enterprises provide people with meaningful employment and valuable social connections,” said Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Colin Brooks.

OC Connections congratulates Mark and Chris on their well-deserved achievement!

About award winner Mark

Mark is well known within his community for always being prepared to lend a hand and help others.

Mark has been an active volunteer with the Parkdale Vultures Football Club for 20 years. He helps them out in the canteen two nights a week, as well as on weekends and makes sure that the players are well fed after the game.

Mark has successfully completed a food handling certification as well as a Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) certificate in his own time. Outside of his football commitments, Mark also uses these skills to volunteer at his local cricket club for local games and Milo Cricket children’s matches on weekends.

Mark is a member of the Bayside Bicycle Club and participates in many of their rides. He also takes part in his local Men’s Shed initiative where he restores old furniture.

Mark is a valued employee at OC Connections Enterprises. He works in the packing facility, as well as in the canteen, where he helps out making coffees and lunches.

Mark is known for his easy-going personality and desire to make people happy. Mark likes learning from others, and sharing his skills to the betterment of his local community.

About award winner Chris

Chris is an active citizen who makes a positive contribution to the communities that he interacts with.

Chris has worked at OC Connections Enterprises for 15 years. During this time, he has assisted the City of Kingston with the Meals on Wheels Program and the Op Shop, as well as being responsible for key duties within OC Connection Enterprises’ Packing, Carwash and Canteen initiatives.

Chris is well regarded by his peers, and actively seeks out new opportunities. Chris regularly steps outside of his comfort zone in order to develop new skills, such as learning how to use an EFTPOS machine for the Op Shop, and mastering the ultra-sonic welder in the packing facility.

Outside of work, Chris is an active participant within the local sporting community. Chris represented Australia in Basketball during the 2015 Special Olympics and he is a regular player at his local basketball and tennis clubs.

Chris volunteers hours of his time to support his cricket and basketball clubs, as well as his local AFL club. He’s regularly at events, helping out and cheering his team on.

Chris is to be commended for his positive can-do attitude and genuine willingness to help others. He makes a positive contribution to the workplace and sporting communities that he interacts with.