Introducing the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® – an Australian first

OC Connections employment and enterprise arm, OCC Enterprises (OCCE), is excited to launch the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® – an environmentally sustainable product, creating positive social change.

The OC Eco T-Top Bollard® is Australia’s first and only Australian-made recycled t-top bollard that is made from recycled bollards and locally sourced plastics and is also creating meaningful employment for people living with disability.

Traffic management products and services account for a significant spend on major infrastructure projects and temporary t-top bollards are one of the highest contributors to landfill from traffic management due to their high volume and short life span. All are imported, made from virgin plastics, and are largely not recycled or remanufactured. Imported bollards do not contribute to Victoria’s economic stimulus, support targets under the Social Procurement Framework or provide training and employment to disadvantage groups.

The OC Eco T-Top Bollard® addresses these issues. They are a culmination of 2 years of engagement with industry experts to manufacture a product compliant with Australian Standards, benchmarked against leading imported bollards made from virgin plastics for durability and sold at a competitive price.

OCCE will locally manufacture the OC Eco T-Top Bollard and offer a resource recovery service to collect, recycle and remanufacture bollards at end of life, whilst delivering a complete circular economy solution.

The OC Eco T-Top Bollard® is the first product in a line of eco products that will form our newest social enterprise: OC Eco Products. OC Eco Products joins our existing suite of job-focussed socialenterprises – packing, assembly and light manufacturing, customised administration services and the OC Eco Car Wash®. The primary purpose of these social enterprises is to provide meaningful employment opportunities and employment pathways for people living with disability.

This week OCCE will officially launch the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® and in the coming weeks the very first production run of 10,000 bollards will be manufactured. Over the first 12 months of production we expect to see:

  • Almost 6000 hours of meaningful employment
  • Over 14 tonne of plastic diverted from landfill
  • $800k stimulated into local economy

Our team of supported employees have already commenced the resource recovery process; collecting old bollards and preparing them for recycling from our industry partners.

We are expecting that the first bollards will make their way onto major projects early January.

We are proud to have Ability Works (jigs to assist staff with manual tasks), Latrobe Valley Enterprise (printing) and Wallara Logistics (warehousing and logistics) in the OC Eco T-Top Bollard® supply chain, further increasing job creation at those wonderful organisations

OCCE would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the development of this Australian First circular economy product.

To find out more or to place your order of the OC Eco T-Top Bollard®, please visit our webpage at the button below.