Help stop the flu in 2022

With the easing of international and domestic public health measures arising from the COVID-19 global pandemic, a resurgence of influenza is expected in 2022, with the Australian community potentially more vulnerable to the virus this Winter.

The ‘flu shot’ is your protection against this virus and a way in which we can protect those who cannot receive the vaccine.  We urge those within the community who can receive the flu shot, to get it.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our staff and participants are protected against COVID.  Now it’s time for us to work towards protecting our community from the flu.

Four great reasons to get your flu shot this year

1. Flu can be serious
Every year the flu affects thousands of Victorians and puts an enormous amount of pressure on our hospitals and health system.

Vaccination against influenza this year is even more important. Over the COVID-19 period there has been lower exposure to influenza virus and lower levels of influenza vaccine coverage compared to previous years.

On average, over 3,500 avoidable deaths occur in Australia every year from complications of seasonal flu, including pneumonia.
The flu virus is especially dangerous for:

  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant women
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Very young children
  • People with underlying medical conditions.

2. The flu shot won’t make you sick
You can’t get the flu from the flu shot. The vaccine doesn’t contain any active virus.
It’s safe for pregnant women at any time in pregnancy.

3. Flu viruses change
That’s why the vaccine is usually updated every year, depending on the circulating strains. This means you need the updated shot each year, ideally before the flu season starts.

4. Protect your community
Some people can’t get the flu shot. This includes people with compromised immune systems. This means that if they get the flu, the consequences are much more serious. Having more immunised people around them reduces their risk of getting sick.

You can find out more about the flu shot and where to get it by visiting