Felix’s One-Man Art Show

Congratulations to Felix who organised a one-man art show at his residence in Ashwood on 2 December.

Felix could not have done this without the support and planning of his support workers and fellow residents who showed their support for Felix by attending and sharing their dining room space for a complete take-over of the amazing amount of art work that Felix has produced over a number of years.

A vibrantly colored invitation was printed and sent out to friends and family.  Felix’s family, housemates, and support staff attended the exhibition to show their support and enthusiasm for Felix’s passion.

To say Felix was excited about the Exhibition is an understatement.  He talked with animation about how important art is to him.  Felix has used watercolour paint, colour pencils and markers to produce his work.  He prefers to work with bright colours.

Felix thanked his guests for coming and explained the inspiration behind his work, including “The Easter Islands”, representing a lasting memory of an overseas adventure with family. A love of Star Wars also features prominently in his work.

Felix has been a practising artist at OC Connections for about three years.  He loves to come and see his friends, some of whom he went to school with.  He has a long history with OC as a student at school, a valued team member at OCCE and most recently as a participant in the art activity.  His dedication and application to art and self-expression is now evident on the walls of his home.

“I congratulate Felix for being the artist he is.  I congratulate all the people who made the exhibition a reality for him.  I thank Felix for inviting me to be a part of his special day.”  Val Rowe, Art Program.