Art Success

OC Connections’ artists, Craig and Anna, were awarded the top two prizes at the annual SASI Art Exhibition held in September.

Into its sixth year, the SASI Art Show aims to provide a platform for collaboration and inclusion, welcoming all people with a disability to exhibit. This is the second year OC Connections’ participants have entered. Eight of our artists submitted 13 works, which takes a great deal of courage and organisation. Congratulations to Sarah, Peter, Craig, Anna, Kathleen, Mitchell, Vlada and Jane for taking part.

Craig was awarded the Alfred Murfey Prize for his work entitled Many Faces.  Named in honour of one of the founders of SASI, the award is voted on by the viewing community.  Anna received the Packers award for her Faces in a Rainbow work. This award is selected by the Visual Arts Officer of the Frankston Arts Centre, Milla Dakovic. Milla selected Anna’s work because of the number of people that stopped and commented on the piece during the first week of the exhibition. Milla described Anna’s two submissions as:

“Striking contemporary works of art that demonstrate the artist’s heightened and natural ability to express a perfect balance of rhythm and movement through her application of colour and talented eye for composition.”

Above all, this is a fun and exciting night for artists to showcase their skills!

Maiten Maldonado, Manager Independence, acknowledged the work that went into preparing for the Art Show, thanking Val, Rose and Ana for making it happen. “Special thanks must go to Val Rowe for her support, guidance, expertise, encouragement and her passion for the work that our participants produce each week.” she said.