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Family Forum: Pre-planning for NDIS

Time spent preparing and planning for your NDIS planning meeting increases your chances for a successful NDIS Plan that reaches the goals, needs and aspirations of you or your family member.

The importance of pre-planning is not lost on our OCC families, with over 40 people attending our Family Focus Forum on pre-planning in May.  The aim of the forum was to take the anxiety and confusion from the pre-planning process and prepare families for the process.

In attendance to address family concerns and questions were: Donna Shaw from VALID; OCC Engagement Co-ordinator, Esmee Uulf; Rita Fellows – a family member who has been through the pre-planning process; and Community Living Service Co-ordinator, Erina Hamilton.

Donna provided  an overview of NDIS and addressed the areas of importance in pre-planning, plus the pitfalls of not preparing. Esmee, who works with families in preparing for their NDIS meetings, included her tips for success.

As a mother who had worked through the pre-planning process and had received a very good NDIS plan for her son, Rita then spoke about the experience from their perspective and provided their learnings.  Rita had heard that because her son was already in employment, seeking funding for further supported employment would be difficult, but she found that because she was well prepared her son was successful in obtaining funding for further employment in his NDIS plan.

Families had a chance to have their questions answered and concerns allayed by the panel of Esmee, Rita, Donna and Erina and moderated by GM Engagement and Partnerships, Vicki Hayes.  Questions were abundant, including:

• Can OC come to a NDIS Planning meeting as a support?
• Is it important to bring any specialist assessments to the meeting?
• What is the difference between a change of circumstance and plan review?
• What is the difference between a support coordinator and a plan manager?

Families in attendance noted how much they appreciated these sessions, how informative the speakers were, and how much they had learned from the session.

Visit our pre-planning page to download your complimentary guide.

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