After 19 years in the disability sector working in day support and community living, including at OC Connections, Donna is now working as an Employment Support Officer.  Despite the change in roles, her objective is still to assist participants achieve their goals.

Role: Employment Support Officer, OCCE

Qualifications: Certificate IV Disability

What did you do before working in the disability sector?

I was at home with my children.

What attracted you to join the disability sector?

I wanted to empower the lives of vulnerable people. l was attracted to the industry when the de-institutionalised  movement occurred in the 1990’s.

How long have you worked at OC Connections?

2 years

What was your role prior to this one at OCC?

Over the past 19 years I have worked as a Support Worker and House Supervisor in Accommodation services for OCC and another company.

What are the highlights of your role at OC Connections?

This is a hard question because there are so many highlights in my role that l really do not know where to start. My role is very diverse and l am lucky enough to be in a position to support people to achieve their goals and being a part of that process makes me feel so proud.  I would have to say that making something less complicated for someone and helping participants achieve their goals are major highlights for me.  I am also motivated by making people smile and being there to listen.

What are the key challenges of your role?

Not knowing what may present itself at any time during the working day and dealing with issues as they arise.

What differences have you seen working in Employment compared to Community Living?

The essence of it is very different, because l am working with a lot of people that are extremely independent and sometimes do not have the support that people living in accommodation do. The objective, however remains the same: helping people navigate their way to achieve their goals.