Community Supporting Community

The Christmas Spirit was alive and well in December when a group of ten volunteers from Diversified Communication volunteered their time at OCC Enterprises’ (OCCE) Centre Road site.

Diversified Communications is an event management company in Melbourne and for the last two years over 20 staff from the company has volunteered their time at Christmas to assist in selling Christmas trees and support our employees at OCCE.

The Enterprise group worked side-by-side with our supported employees packing and heat sealing bags of Easter eggs, collating items for a fibreglass repair kit for cars and boats and packing items in a promotional bag for Country Racing Victoria.

According to Greg Whitters, OCCE Operations Manager, “This type of volunteer work is a great opportunity for our employees to showcase their skills and for our volunteers to gain a better understanding and awareness of people with disability.” Greg said that the Diversified team were “engaging and respectful of our employees and eager to be involved again next year.”

It was also an opportunity for employees to give back at a busy time of year, making it both a memorable and enjoyable time of year.

“It was one of the best days of my working career so far,” said Malua Kamu, a team member from Diversified Communications.

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