Celebrating wins

A person in a wheelchair

Our daily living programs, accommodation services and social enterprises are facilitated by our trained and participant-focused staff and our expert partners. We all work together to continuously adapt to feedback and improve so that OCC participants achieve their goals, enjoy their lives, and know they belong in the community.

Our staff are invested in all goals set by participants to help them live meaningful lives. The team at OCC Enterprises were thrilled to celebrate some wins by OCCE supported employees this month.

A person is on their knees washing a car

Car wash employee, Elias, was successful in gaining his drivers’ license permit, after two years of lessons, study sessions and a lot of courage. Elias has a passion for cars and he has been using his role as a car wash team member to learn more about cars and how to look after them. It is one way to help Elias move towards his goal of getting his license and owning a car of his own. He is now planning to have driving lessons in order to progress to getting his full license.

Two people standing in front of a For sold sign

Employees, and husband and wife duo, Belinda and Daniel, have been budgeting and saving to make one of the biggest purchases possible – their own house. After spending much time searching for the perfect home, they were successful in purchasing their very own home this month. They are very excited for this next step and cannot wait to move in.

A person in a wheelchair

Defence Administration Assistance Program (DAAP) employee, Jack, will be competing in the Wheelchair Rugby National Champsionship on the Gold Coast from 24 – 25 June, 2022. Jack will be representing Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club – one of two Victorian teams taking part in the Championships.

We wish to congratulate Elias, Belind and Daniel and Jack on reaching their goals and working hard and courageously to live the life they dream.

Our co-achieve model guides us to learn how we can support people living with disability to reach their goals, learn new skills, do new things, and decide what they want in life and how we can make it happen together.