Carolyn realises her goal!

You may remember our article last month about the strong bond Carolyn and her support worker Nicole have formed over common interests. One shared interest is Carolyn’s goal to regularly access more musicals and concerts in the community.

This month we are pleased to report that the two have planned, prepared and enjoyed a magical outing in the city including coffee and a show.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Disney’s classic 1989 animation, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performed a live concert of the music of The Little Mermaid backed by the movie. It was a sensory experience that delighted the audience, especially those who remember the heartfelt song, “Under the Sea”.

Preparing for the outing and travelling to and from the city was a great way for Nicole to support Carolyn to extend her independence skills.

One highlight for Carolyn was the opportunity to get spruced up for the night out, enjoying the chance to spend the morning with Nicole choosing an outfit and arranging hairstyle and makeup. The excitement of the day built as they approached Hamer  Hall along the boardwalk with hundreds of other city adventurers and entered the impressive  foyer to soak up the atmosphere with a pre-show coffee and snack.

When asked what she enjoyed the most, Carolyn emphatically said, “I liked the show, the story and the clapping.  I loved the music!”

The day will be hard to beat but Carolyn is onto it.  She is already planning the next event, so stay tuned readers…